What is an UltraAgent?

They are genetically modified humans who work for UltraSecurity, a niché security firm which solves crimes committed by other modified people. Each story focuses on the misadventures of a different agent with loads of cool weapons, super powers, and a little something-something at the end.

UltraAgent TimeTrap is hiding out. This peace-loving, universe-traveling hero is tired of fighting Aztec gods, sociopathic scientists, and her reality TV–star mother. She needs a vacation from using her superpower. With comfy slippers and streaming movies, she’s taken refuge with her new boyfriend, Max Martin, in his high-tech, gated home.

Max owes TimeTrap his life. She saved him from a dimensional-jumping kidnapper, and he’s fallen hard for her. He promises to protect her at any cost. Whatever TimeTrap wants, he’ll give her.

But is she really safe with Max?

Because TimeTrap has uncovered a classified project in his basement lab, which shoves her into the clutches of a mysterious organization and a life-sucking entity called the Dark.

A journal that belonged to Max’s deceased grandfather might hold the key to helping TimeTrap. But to decode the mysterious journal, Max must do the unthinkable and embrace the evil energy that threatens both universes. He would do anything to rescue her, but can he win back her trust, or will he become her worst nightmare?

Is it the end of the world if an UltraAgent takes a vacation—in another universe?

Someone is threatening UltraAgent TimeTrap’s good vacation vibes. Her holiday plans include visiting her peace-loving grandparents who only exist in the 1960s in an alternate universe. Fortunately, she can travel to the past within the universe parallel to hers where she turns on, tunes in, and drops out of her crazy life.

But TimeTrap keeps popping into the wrong era as if pushed off course. Her fellow UltraAgents are disappearing with no record of their existence. When she saves the CEO of a billion dollar defense company, things get really freaky–professionally and personally. Her universe is changing with each passing minute. She’ll need to stop whoever is messing with her world before it no longer exists.

UltraAgent Oracle, his only hope.

After Surefire’s case, UltraAgent Oracle takes time off from using her mind reading abilities—until a horrific transhuman crime forces her back on the job at UltraSecurity. At the same time, an old promise forces UltraAgent Pax to confront a new villain on the scene—Dama X, a Mexican cartel leader with a gender-bending way of dispatching her enemies.

As those close to them become victims, their cases entangle, and Oracle hides an uncontrolled power surge from her boss, Pax—her ex-boyfriend and the one man she secretly loves. If he learns about her unstable power, Pax will remove her from the most important case of her life, even if it means he may die.

Super powers, romance, demi-gods, and unexpected twists follow UltraAgents Oracle and Pax as they travel to Mexico to solve a case that defies explanation.

UltraAgent Surefire always hits her mark. Well, almost always.

During the Olympic trials, she missed it—a screwup that sidelined her athletic career and vaulted her twin sister into gymnastics stardom. Ten years later, Surefire sets the bar high again at UltraSecurty, a niché security firm which solves crimes committed by transhumans (genetically enhanced humans). With determination and a sure shot aim, she rises through U-Sec’s ranks and lands an assignment on which two other agents have failed: capturing the transhuman thief Raven.

Then she misses her mark a second time.

Now Surefire is falling into a world of moody Aztec gods, day-glo skulls, dizzying dimensional portals, maniacal magicians, and a sexy thief who is more than he appears, especially under his snug shirt. Is Raven a criminal or is he working for a higher power? Surefire plans to find out, because she needs to partner with him and give up everything she had thought important to stop an ancient force from destroying the world—and she can’t miss her mark again.