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Supernatural Tales

Check out J.T. Bock’s supernatural tales featuring romance and genre twists set outside the UltraSecurity world. 

Love at Dawn cover

Celebrate spring, slip into an enchanting tale, and show your support for World Central Kitchen!

Remember waking up with the first blush of a new romance filling your morning with joy?

Seven breakout authors bring you a medley of love stories that will quicken your senses, lift your hearts, and make you imagine love in whole new ways. Spanning the scale from gentle and sweet to spicy hot, each entry brings a fresh look at love in all its variations along with the perennial promise of morning’s renewal. ALL proceeds go to the charity feeding people in need here and in every corner of the globe: World Central Kitchen.

Authors include: Meg Napier, J.T. Bock, G.G. Gabriel, Julie Halperson, Skye Knight, J. Keely Thrall, and Laurel Wanrow

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