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My Top 5 Favorite Trailers from Comic-Con

I was so sad to miss Comic-Con this year with the RWA Conference happening right after. But I did follow the big reveals coming from Hall H and the trailers for this upcoming season’s new movies and TV shows got my inner geek squealing. Here’s a few that excited me.


Justice League

Looks like our heroes have their work cut out for them. Any guesses on identity of the mysterious hero who shows up at the end of the clip to help?

I need to learn that sweep from Wonder Woman. Holy kick-butt women, Gal Gadot rocks this role! (FYI: Wonder Woman 2 was officially announced. Whoo Hoo! Now we just need a release date.)



If you haven’t seen Westworld yet, I recommend getting a subscription to HBO now. It’s a sci-fi drama set in a faux Western world where robots were once the playthings of humans. The characters are rich and the robots are utterly human. Love this world and can’t wait to see what happens next.


Stranger Things

By far, my favorite Netflix show. Maybe it’s all the 1980s references that take me back to my childhood. Those young boys are the same age as I was at the time. My friends and I rode bikes around our neighborhood searching for adventures just like those characters. (Fortunately, we didn’t find another dimension with scary shadowy creatures that would kill us.)


Thor: Ragnarok

More footage was added to Comic-Con trailer, which gives away more of the story and makes me want to see it even more. And I totally need to cos-play Hela. Cate Blanchett is rocking the new evil look. Love it!


Black Panther

Black Panther made an indelible impression on fans in Civil War and fans of the comic have been hoping for years they’d make this move–and make it right. The scenes shown in the trailer are filled with rich visuals and sets, intense fighting, handsome heroes, and kick-butt women. Definitely on my must-watch list for next year!

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