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NaNoWrimo and Kindle Scout and Waiting for the Net

Leap and the net will appear.
—Zen Saying
Kindle Scout contender.

Urban fantasy with an alien twist


In the outskirts of modern-day DC is a portal
through which vamps and werewolves from Dark Earth illegally travel into
our dimension looking for a resource long extinct on their planet—pure
human blood—found only in our world, which they call Pure Earth.
Fighting to protect Pure Earth is a trio of women with fantastic
abilities, and one of them will discover her destiny in between worlds. 

About ten years ago, I wrote and finished an Urban Fantasy novel, Dark Earth, during the National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo). For a few years, I revised and revised and revised the novel. I sent it out to a few agents and editors but the mix of paranormal and sci-fi (yes, there’s a theme in my writing) turned many of them off because they couldn’t find a spot for it.

After gathering digital dust for eight years, I decided to put it out there once again on Kindle Scout–a service through Amazon where readers can vote on the novels they want to see published.

If you have a second or two, vote for Dark Earth and check out other authors hoping to partner with Amazon and get discovered. Click here read sample chapters.

No time like the present to take a risk and take that leap and bounce around in the net a bit.


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