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The Discovery of Chocolate

When you think of chocolate, what comes to your mind?

Perhaps one of the top chocolate brands in the world as listed by Global Brands magazine including the countries that produce them:

  • Ferrero Rocher (Italy)
  • Guylian (Belgium)
  • Patchi (Lebanon)
  • Ghirardelli (United States)
  • Toblerone (Switzerland)
  • Cadbury (United Kingdom)
  • Lindt and Sprungli (Switzerland)
  • Mars (United Kingdom)
  • Snickers (United States)
  • Kitkat (originally United Kingdom, now United States)
  • Galaxy (originally United Kingdom, now United States)

However, an important chocolate player is missing from this list. In fact, I would call them the most important chocolatier of all time, because we wouldn’t have these decadent treats without them.

Find out who they are at Romance on the Rocks.

Hint: Their ancestors help my heroes in A Surefire Way

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