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TimeTrap Releases Soon

On April 17th TimeTrap releases!

You’ll find my sci-fi romance on Amazon for the first few months as part of the Unlimited program.

Check it out on release day for a special one-day deal.

TimeTrap takes place a few weeks after A Grandfather Paradox (available for free on Amazon).

If you like superhero stories with strong female characters, adventure, sci-fi, pop culture references, and romance, then you’ll enjoy TimeTrap.


UltraAgent TimeTrap is hiding out.

This peace-loving, universe traveling hero is tired of fighting Aztec gods, maniacal magicians, sociopathic scientists, and her reality-star mother. She needs a vacation and a normal life devoid of superpowers.

Stocked with comfy slippers and sci-fi movies, she’s taken refuge with her new boyfriend, Max, in his high-tech, gated abode. She finally feels safe from the super-powered villains trolling her universe and the parallel one where her nemesis, the Man, wants to steal her power.

And if she never leaves her world or Max’s home, then the Man can never capture her.

But is she really safe with Max?

Max is hiding a secret in his basement—a company project he doesn’t want TimeTrap to find just yet. It’s a containment unit for out-of-control transhumans. He just needs to figure out who commissioned it and which transhumans they want to control

After TimeTrap runs off, he learns that a mysterious organization wants her unique powers. So does his grandfather.

Max finds clues in his grandfather’s journal–a mysterious book written in an ink that seems to move across the pages as the words change and defy Max’s attempt to decode them. He doesn’t believe in magic, but it doesn’t stop the portal from opening into another dimension and pulling TimeTrap away from him.

Max will need to become something more than a geeky engineer to find TimeTrap and team with her as she races through time and space to save the world yet again.

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