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Dama X—How do you say Tezcatlipoca?

In Dama X, our heroes are once again battling transhumans with super abilities enhanced by mythical Aztec gods. Our UltraAgents have a hard time pronouncing the Aztec names, and I’m certain readers will too. Fortunately, Emma Saying, a site listing thousands of word pronunciations, posted videos to YouTube that include many of the Nahuatl (Aztec language) names referenced in Dama X.

Today, I want to start with our Big Bad from the first book, A Surefire Way.


The smoking-mirror god, Tezcatlipoca, was worshiped by the Toltecs then later the Aztecs, who had various names and incarnations for this creator god. He used his mirror to see into and sometimes manipulate human lives. He could  dispatch destruction or good fortune at whim.

To learn more about Tezcatlipoca, click here.

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